Kmilyun starts a Blog

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Kmilyun and her Sportster

Ok, this is one way to see if anybody ever visits my web space. Why a blog? Why not? Perhaps someone will see this . . . yeah, right.


  1. Hi there Ms. Blog. I am the first distinguished visitor to this most auspicious of lists. I don’t know what to say except I also wish the frappin’ rain would go away. I’ve been trying to get out and wax my truck for the past 4 days, but the weather won’t cooperate. My house phone went out and trying to get in touch with Frontier service is like having a root canal. You would’nt believe all the push one for english, push pound to get to this and 2 to get to that. I got so friggin’ mad that I was yelling at the recorded voice. Now that’s bad!

    Good luck on runing your blog site.

  2. Michel Medina

    Is it really raining? I’ve been in a drug induced state for the last week, due to a really nasty cold. Hope the postings go well, and I’ll check back regurlarly to see whats happening! Good Luck and have a Happy New Year!!

  3. shelley

    hiya! nice blog start. so you say you’re reading a book by jimmy carter. i want to get that book. i think he’s one of america’s unsung heros. i really like him a lot. he is a gentle and spiritual man who will choose peace over war any time. we could use another jimmy carter about now. so let us all go to and get rid of criminal war mongers.
    love ya kmilyn, keep in touch.

  4. kmilyun

    Jimmy Carter believes in the separation of chuch in state, a great idea, eh? I have always liked the way he tackles morale issues with a humane insightfulness that many lack.
    Care to co moderate and get this site going?

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