Catfish and Annie

Catfish is on the left and Annie the right. These are members of my family. They hope that you would like to converse with them. Please note that they are all paws so it takes them awhile to get a humom to type for them. They understand that translations from canine to human can be tricky, resulting in miscommunication at times.

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  1. Catfish

    Spoiled? I think not! Just the other day everyone took off and left us alone. Let’s put this in perspective. Everyone knows that one year of a dog = seven years for a human. When I get left alone for a day it it is like being left alone for a week. Now I ask ya, how does that make me spoiled?

    I did get a new stuffed toy for Christmas. A really big stuffed dog. I know the idea was to replace my favorite stuffed duck. I am not having anything to do with that idea. Just because mom thinks my duck is falling apart and does not stop stinking even after a good wash. Hah! I showed her. I played with my new toy but I made it clear that I wanted my duck back. It is amazing what continued whinning all night will accomplish. Now I have two big stuffed toys to cuddle with.

    I hope that my best friend Buddy (a golden retriever) will find my post and let me know how he is doing

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