Ship Model Instructions – Italian One – Kmilyun Zero

I found a nice workbench today. It is now assembled and my modelling tools and supplies are semi organized. I started to review the instructions for my new model – a Mamoli brand kit of the British Regatta Yacht Britannia. I soon figured out that I will need an Italian dictionary. The translation provided would be humorous if not for the fact that I need to understand the directions. I have enough trouble following instructions in English :).

The pieces seem to be straight and nicely cut. I tried to find a list of all the parts that are suppose to be in the kit so I can make sure they are all there but have only come up with the lists that are at each step. Yeah, they are in Italian and I would have to combine them to get a master list. I am going for the hope they are all there method.

Net Neutrality

In the news again again – Net Neutrality – a subject I have blogged about prior here Net Neutrality.
Thank you to Odd time signatures for bringing this to my attention:

Don’t let it happen. Do you really want to go back to the days of “walled gardens” where you have access to some, but not all, of the Internet? Let your voice be your choice — go to savetheinternet com if you haven’t already and speak up for a free and accessible Internet without corporate interference. You will not be aligning yourself with a political party, but just agreeing to a straightforward statement of principles.

About 250,000 other petitioner signatures in favor the Markey Amendment collected by Free Press-led this week and delivered to Congress via Calif. Rep. Nancy Pelosi. The Markey Amendment says that telecommunication and cable giants like AT&T and Verizon that provide broadband access have the obligation “not to block, impair, degrade, discriminate against, or interfere with the ability of any person to use a broadband connection to access, use, send, receive, or offer lawful content, applications, or services over the internet”.

Supporters have sprung up all over the Internet – at and The effort has even united the most unlikely of political opponents including Gun Owners of America, Afro-Netizen, and Instapundit. Wow, now there is a wide variety of platforms.

From Mark Sneaking In The Back Door

While you’ve been away arguing about gas prices, the war against terrorism, the Katrina clean-up and so many other injustices to a free way of life, the Congressional community has almost completed it’s task of out-flanking your focus.

Don’t feel bad, I was almost snookered myself.

So, the very existence of the Internet as we know it today is under attack by – guess who? Big Money! This one doesn’t involve the oil companies, this is a step or so below that – telecommunications. Well, oh heck yeah, there’s a ton of money there eh? Enough to influence Congressmen! And that’s all they need to perpetrate new injustices on the sheep we’ve become in the fight against the fleecing of our freedoms!

Net Neutrality Clause Shot Down by Feds on The Internet Patrol

Well that is my contribution to the blogosphere today. I might shut down my computer system for awhile soon in order to redo my room to include a small work area to build my new model. Believe it or not – Kmilyun has found other things to do with herself. The weather is warm and my motorcycle is outside calling . .. sometimes real non digitalized contact can be a good thing. 🙂

FEMA to NPRA – Senate Inquiry Recommendations

Getting rid of FEMA is one of the recommendations coming from the Senate inguiry looking into the governments response to Katrina. Abolish FEMA and create a National Preparedness and Response Authority to oversee domestic disaster preparedness training and coordinate government disaster response. FEMA to NPRA? The report will be released soon.

It appears that the new authority would communicate directly with the President during major crises and any large cuts to budget or staffing levels would need Congressional approval. I feel so much better now that the President would be be in direct communication. I would feel much better yet if the inquiry report demanded that the President be held down and forced to pay attention! I am sure that President Bush would insure that the proper Congressional approvals were sought proir to budget cuts.

I smell a wumpus.

Nothing Exciting

Not much going on in my house today. Worked on my Cairo model a bit, played with the dogs, and did some research on the history of the Britannia yacht that I purchased a scale model kit of.

The weather is gettting warmer. This is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because we need the sunshine to cheer us up bad because we do not want all the snow up in the mountains to melt.

I thought about writting a post on Iraq, Iran, global warming, the Delta levee situation, or the numerous topics concerning the present administration. After reading other blogs I came to the conclusion that the topics are all being covered. I can rest well knowing that others are keeping up on it all. I think I will go back to working on my model and then head off to sleep.