The Astroturf of my Life

Today I tried unsuccesfully to share my printer with my laptop over the wireless network. Really! How terrible this is 🙂 – having to walk upstairs if I want to print. I feel so deprived. Just kidding – but now it is a “it is gonna work no matter what” thing around here.

I have firmed up the plans for my ride to the California Hog Rally in Redding. We are going to stay with my friend Ronny and she is going to borrow her fathers boat so we can go bass fishing on Sunday. Hopefully we will all have time to fit a trip to the Shasta Caverns in. I love the bus ride to the entrance and caves are always interesting. Been years since I have been there. Fe and I, along with a few others will be riding up and Rae will be following in my truck. I must be crazy – riding on a holiday weekend!

Medmiky will be staying at the homefront pampering Catfish, Annie, and Osoa dogs. I noticed a new package of Frosty Paws in the freezer today. The dogs think Frosty Paws are the best thing next to real “people” ice cream.

Drumsnwhistles has been busy keeping us updated and informed on issues involving scientology and the CCHR.  After following her links I googled astroturfing. Very interesting. I wonder, is the anti astroturfing site – astroturf?

Dat’s all for now folks.

And the New Computer Saga Continues

I was prepared. I know from experience that new computers bring on frustration. After the obligatory software updates an error message is bound to show up. It almost never fails :).

The first problem appeared as an update failure. Umm, windows update NOT installed? Hello? Windows – you decided I needed the silly update in the first place. The usual knowledge base searches and emails to the techs began. Of course the first few responses are always the canned automated ones that contain list of steps to solve the problem. Never mind that you have already told them in the first email that you had already tried all these – and they did NOT work.

Next – the tech support emails where new and better suggestions are sent. Most of the time they do not work. More web surfing for solutions. The end result. Uninstal the offending program and reinstall it. Then the mission becomes: what to do to fix the problems so the program will run and not cause errors. … Good thing I have done this before and install one program at a time, creating a restore point prior to the installations. You would think that windows and other microsoft programs would have learned how to play well together by this time – silly me for expecting this LOL.

At this stage my nice newly organized work area is cluttered with program installation discs, printouts of instructions, and more general clutter.

I decided to connect my laptop to my new wireless network. Fire it up. Ugh NO. Service pack 2? expired virus scan program. Off to find the original restore discs and start again . …

Those in the Know

For those of you who are in the “know” you know what is going on. For all the rest of ya – I am sorry but details are not available for security reasons 🙂

This one was easy. But now my admin panel is ummm kind of not funtional. But I can get there myself taking the long road.

Woo hoo and (bad word goes here) you too. This is an assuming that the same Araneae is responsible and that it is just not a coincidence?

For your amusement: Spider Elimination 

Cardassian’s were evil.