Sacramento Train Museum Photo Walk

We all had a great time on the photowalk with Thomas Hawk and Robert Scoble. I am just sorry that Drumsnwhistles could not attend :(. I am sure she would have kept up with them all and had a great time! Somehow some of us lost track of the main group when we stopped to take some pics. We formed our own little group and had a blast! Here some of us are having fun with Tony Pinto.

My favorite shot from the day would be this one – kmilyun likes reflections LOL!


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  1. Of course people care in answer to your question . What do you like, what do you look like … it’s natural curiosity. I’ve never been to the museum so the pictures leave me wondering what I’m looking at, but the concept of photo walks is neat.

    In our area we have a photog who does them as seminars and charges for them, but to just do it as a social thing … sounds like fun.

    So update the about page … let’s learn about you.

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