As the Ghetto Bird Fly Around

LOL the Sacramento Police Dept. has their bird in air going around and around. The officer is making an announcement. Usually one would think that the object would be for those they are announcing to to hear what the heck they are saying. After the tenth time around all I can get is DOORS, call 911, contact,  call 911 over and over the dude talking on the crummy speaker systems they use sounds like he has marbles in his mouth.

Sometimes we can figure out what they are saying if we go outside – it is either a missing child or a message to lock your doors and stay inside because the bad guys are about. Now I ask you should we have to open the door to find out that we are suppose to keep it shut.  Or, do we keep it shut and hope that we are not missing vital info that just may help someone’s child out of danger?

I wish they would fix the PA system or use the phone system.

Another night in the crummy area we live in. At least they have stopped crumbling on the PA and are now just going around and around and around – so much for sleep. Oh never mind the neighboors just cranked up the tunes and some kids are yelling across the street – so I might as well go play with my camera some more.

You think the cops in the bird can see them? I can not as the stupid spot light just came through my window and has blinded me for the moment …  ghetto bird one the rest of us poor souls zip. Hope they find who or what they are looking for.

So just in case they care – we can not help if we wanted too cause we are afraid to go out to hear what your saying and your noisey bird and it’s bright lights  – oh never mind!


I come from a family where my parents and most other realtives think that blogging is a stupid airing of one laundry to an unknown public. Well they are correct in many ways.

I do not publish my posts if I am afraid someone will read them and realize that I am saying something negative about them personally – especially if I know the person(s). I censor myself a lot.

I have posts started related to the latest discussion concerning wheter bloggers should have to identify themselves in order to have their blog articles published in the Sacramento Bee that started on the ipsoSacto Blog Watch Blog. The main contension is that letters to the editor author’s must provide a verifiable name but bloggers were not asked to. Then the whole idea that no one is really anonymous on the internet is another article I have been working on. I was thinking of linking the two together.

I do not wave my name out in the wind here in cyber space but any savvy 8 year old could figure it out real fast. I just do not post it so it does come up in any google search my family or neighboors might do. Woop – just a bit of caution. I have considered moving this site to my other provider where my DNS info is not public. All the time my logic in not doing much about the anonymous thing I have been telling myself that I am paranoid.

Well, after thinking about this I am only going to say this:

The net is not a safe and free speech neighboorhood anymore – I suspect that it has not been so for a long time. If the government is not snooping on us – our fellow net users are – and some of them apparently have gone to the darkside.

It is not ok to threaten people with death in person or in cyberspace – it is not ok to allow the type of crap the majority of us have to continue. I am with Scobel on this one – why? because I have heard the kids in our neighboorhood talking about pulling some activity off to get mentioned on the news. They want the attention. So, the wise and wonderfull A list pontificators that took part in all this – this is the only mention of your sorry butts that you might read coming from this low Y listed blog. You have shown your true ignorant selves to all.

For a more timely and thoughful opinion a defer to Drums’ article at odd time signatures.

Anyone up for snail mail? Remember? I wrote a letter to you and then you replied to me – and we could tell if someone else snooped cause the envelope had been steamed open.

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Marker #39

Drove up Hwy 88 to Volcano, CA this afternoon. Hoped to find some wonderful fields full of flowers but they are not quite out yet. Maybe they are as confused as the weather itself is as of late.

Along the way I stopped and took a few snaps of the old Butte Store – CA State Historical Marker #39. The sun was setting so the green hills that roll on into the distance have the evening orange/gold tinge to them and the store is in the shadows a tad. But I had  a wonderful time weaving up, down, and around all the winds in the roadways. It was hard to take in all the scenery while driving :).

By the time we made it to Volcano it was pretty much locked down for the night. The bar and the theater seemed active. I walked about and came across an old foundation  of rock.  Managed to slip on the wet grass LOL right in front of some BMX kids – I think I made their night judging from all their giggles.

Looking at the old store had me thinking about how strange it was – looking at the last building standing from a time period where the gold rush town of Butte was bustling – just standing there along the side of the roadway surrounded by barbed wire topped fences and weeds.  There all alone representing a past of a prosperous mining town of the 1850’s. 

click for larger view

click for larger view

Histum Yani


The Maidu Indians called the Sutter Buttes “Histum Yani,” which translates to Spirit Mountain or Middle Mountains of the Valley. Translations differ.  After death the spirits of the Maidu  rest in the Buttes before the journey to the afterlife. In a time before roads, Histum Yani was a refuge  from the flooding of the valley from winter run-off. The Maidu believed the buttes were the center of creation, the source of the first Maidu man and woman.

Just remember – a volcano lives here!