Near Summers End

It has been a long and fun summer for me. I seem to have driven all over California and Nevada and now it is time to wash the truck. Not an easy task really because it is splattered with bugs collected over the months and has sand and mud inside and out. There is even sand stuck atop the spare tire from the stuck in the sand moments.

Most of my photo’s are the family vacation type. I missed out on the meteor shower shots, the eclipse of the moon, and am totally out of the loop with my internet and photography friends. Oh well . … just know that I experienced one awesome summer . …

Yerington the Demolition Derby:

Where I have been

The last month has been busy. I drove the furthest I have driven in the past few years. Thursday the 2nd we left Sacramento headed for Stagecoach. On the 3rd we left StageCoach, NV headed across the state towards Ely and then down to the Kirsch Wildlife area. A simple description of this drive would be: drive east until your almost in Utah and then head south for a while. Or drive until you no longer can even tune in a religious radio station. Yep, that’s the place, dab smack in the middle of no-where surrounded by sand. A locale that offers no services, cellular, Am/Fm reception, gasoline, . … especially when you arrive at nightfall.

Along the route I, a native Californian, discovered that California is not as wacky as one might think when held up to Nevada. Headed along Hwy50 I noticed what looked like a dust cloud? a mini cyclone? a fire? Nope – just the military at work practicing their air drops.

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I can not recall ever having seen exploding bombs dropped along the Hwy while driving in California.

Another interesting conclusion – although our highway pavement conditions are poor – they are usually paved. Not all Hwys in Nevada are and not all Nevada maps are created equal.  Fifty miles of dirt/gravel highway later I ran out of wiper fluid.


Sunday I drove back to Stagecoach. Monday afternoon we arrived back in Sacramento – 1,100 and something miles later!

Going out on the boat at Fort Bragg and catching my limit (including a Ling cod) was cool too – but that is another story – later. …