Da Boat

Here are a few pics from the ebay auction and one in front of the homestead.

Balloons and Camels

Saturday we drove back to Stagecoach so we could attend the Reno Balloon Races on Sunday. It was quite a site seeing all those hot air balloons lighting up and taking off. We were a bit put off my the crowds and it seemed no matter where I choose to set up the cameras someone managed to either step in front of them or run into them! We definitely know where not to set up if attend again ;).

After taking a few shots we headed over to Virginia City for something I must admit I never had heard of: The Camel Races.

Now if sitting out in the hot sun and watching grown folks try to hang on to a camel while navigating a circle track is not strange enough for this Calif born and raised . .. not only do they race the camels but yes they try to hang on and race the Ostrich’s.

On the positive note I met some very nice folks at the balloon races! And got a decent shot out of the D70 too.