Cell phone Photo

Went off to the dentist only to find out that my molar has decided to oh my gosh – die! How dare it? It has had a crack in it for years once and awhile needing an additional bit of filling to repair an area where a piece has decided to part ways with the tooth it belongs to. This time the whole dang tooth split right down the root – well darn. I wondered why it stopped hurting LOL. So Monday next I will say goodbye to my tooth via – yank. Is this a sign of age? Wow my first lost adult tooth ever. I have only had one cavity in my lifetime but lots of cracked teeth caused by grinding pre mouth guard days. Bummer I think I will save it and have a funeral for it LOL.

Stopped at the fruit stand on the way home and snapped a picture with my new cell phone. Another item that has me thinking age, specifically my age hahahah … . How can a silly little cell phone require a degree in electonic engineering or a teen-ager to figure out? Neither phone has the same menu system. It took me a bit to figure it all out – if I really have. It is not that I am able to figure such things out – it is just that it is irritating to have to anymore.  What is wrong with not liking change seeming I am a creature of habit that resists change emmm – resistance is futile – if you want to place a call that is. The little bluetooth ear thingy is, well, annoying. It will soon be the law – having to use the darn thing. So you would think that one could place in ones ear, push a button, and it would work it’s magic. Comical is driving down the road repeating “name dial” and hearing “please try again”. “nAme dIal” – “please state the name” – “mom” – “did you say Norm”- “no” nancy? “no” etc etc etc. It is much easier to use the phone and dial my moms number. I decide to try digital dial. I say the number and get a list of four numbers none the one I want. AUGH. My oppinion is that when I have to legally use the darn thing I will make no calls and only answer ones that I recieve. At least that way I do not have to listen to the little lady in my phone with a squeeky little voice asking me to repeat myself.

Picture from the fruitstand today:

The only feature on my phone that was easy to figure out.


I have taken notice that many of the blogs on my reader are no longer posting on a regular basis. I wonder if their reasons are the same.  They are all blogs that contained everyday content, no ads, no fancy bling decorating them, just everyday folks sharing their views, lives, and photos out in cyberspace.

Maybe they got tired of all the hoops required to keep up.  Security updates, spam, more spam, what to do what to do. Or, perhaps they wrote something and received some comments in que that reminded them of past blog world events.  Me I just came to a conclusion that if I had something in live not memorex life my time was better spent there.  Besides, as it becomes more and more obvious that there is no such thing as anonymity in blogging the thought of abandoning one blog and starting another is a bummer – so why bother?

The addition of a new laptop allows me to remain downstairs on the comfortable couch surfing the net for information on boats, photography, and tires for my truck. It is amazing how many hours I have spent reading up on aquatic mussel invasions and white balance settings. 

The replacement of all the household cellphones is providing hours of entertainment as we all stumble with all the new features and buttons. I still think a phone should be a phone, a camera a camera, and computers surf the net while phone should be talked on . … but my phone takes pictures and gets my email – LOL. I feel like Spock driving around with the bluetooth ear thing on.  And, yes I still own records and know how to dial a phone with an actual dial on it.

We rearranged the living room to get the couch off the wall where our neighboors bang and boom the music all day and night. The pictures and soda cans still rattle about from the bass though. I have not hooked up the sound system because who needs surround sound when you can not hear the tele anyways over their noise.

Here is my favorite picture of the month: