The Picture I Got

I decided to set up my new tripod and take some pictures outside. Nothing fancy just to play with the camera settings and see what the end result was. Set up the tripod, took the lens cap off, and then . … it started to rain. Choosing not to get wet I decided to take it all back in and try another time. I am a wimp and might just melt when I get wet!

In the short time I was outside Annie decided to get Santa from the shelf and destuff him LOL. I picked up what remained of poor Santas insides (he now has some very small feet and a hold in is jolly belly) and sat down on the couch. Catfish dog jumped up lay down next to me. Annie? Here is the picture I got of her:


Another New Year

Here I am again starting another year alive. Being alive is a good thing. Not to be taken for granted. It is fragile. A gift.

  • Because I am alive I can:
    • talk to my friends and family
    • smell the air on the pavement after a new rain
    • hear the birds singing
    • feel the fur on my dogs as the cuddle up next to me
    • see the earth from many vantage points

I decided to post the picture that represents something that had the most profound effect on me this past year. I picture I took in March 2006 while visiting my friends in Mississippi. It shows the remnants of someones home. You can not see it in this picture but someone made a sign with spray paint and plywood with the address on it and placed it next to a tree trunk. The door stood up and served as a portal the previous occupants pain and somehow represented their hope and determination.

door standing after Katrina