My Neighboors are Stupid Thieves

First off, I would so dearly like to pass on my appreciation to all the a holes that have shot each other in front of my home in the last few weeks – like six in a month – now come on whatz up with that? When did it become “in” to say man dont shot me and then go wow man you shot me – whoa? I know that it would be silly to ask if it ever occured to any of you stupid dumb asses that your bullets stray from intended targets and hit other stuff and folks that just maybe really don’t think it is cool to get shot – cause I know – yeap I know – that you see no point in life – in living – in your teens you have given the heck up and do not care. Will la tee dah – I care – I would so prefer it if you would point your weapons in a different direction – like away from my walls -DUH

Unfortunately, there are those of us who can not just move. We own our places – yep we don’t “sign the papers” to pay the man – nope we worked hard and paid for our homes – now dumps thanks to you all. Novel idea eh? What I get is that you are terrorists – you get your power via FEAR tactics -well another woop tee doo to you – it worked a few years ago but now we watch – we see – we smell the gun powder and it quite frankly pisses us the F off!

The truth is even if we wanted to ( and believe me we do ) move we can not afford too.

Next I would like to congratulate the turds who stole my tire, wheel and lug nuts – why the lug nuts anyways? so that when someone needed to get to work to pay the air conditioning bill got up to find the vehicle only had three wheels. Wow, now here is the fun part – you were so stupid that you put my freaking tire on your car and then had the nerve to get upset when I noticed! Surprise! I know how to call the PD I learned that in like kindergarten. Back when I had to memorize my parents names, address and phone number . … I guess that one was new to you all – I admit when the police did show up – the look on your face was – as the Visa ads say “priceless”. Now instead of being out 110 bucks for a tire, another 110 so the the rt and left sides match, 104 bucks for a rim and 6.18×5 for the lugs nuts – I am just out getting the tire rebalanced, lugs nuts, the tow truck, the person who needed the car to get to work lost wages and getting dinged for not getting there on time, the gas paid to return home to show the cars three other tires to the police, don’t ask me on that one cause I had the dang receipt etc – and a broken 90 hub cap.

The not so priceless thing about this is you live less than a football field away from me.

You are lower than whale poop – come on stealing off a car that has handicapped plates, from middle aged women? Wow you are tough -woo hoo.