Chit Happens

Yeap, sometimes bad things happen, in my life, in others lives, just Chit happens. Not much I can do about it really.

Sometimes when I am reading other peoples blogs and they discuss politics, or dogs, or other daily normal activiites I catch myself wondering when/if I might ever get back to a frame of mind where any of it seems relevant to my day – my moment (yes lots of I I I me me me here LOL).

I sometimes think I liked it better when my world was smaller. The internet was non existent, phones were wired and had dials on them, I knew my neighbors names, yep everyone on the block, and I carried a McGovern book bag not a Nixon one –  thank goodness LOL (not that I had any great understanding really other than those of youthful idealism when it came to politics).  That I did not have immediate access to the news – I mean perhaps it is not a good thing to be able to watch tragedy unfold live? Especially when FOX and CNN fake it.

I know it is not always a good thing to be able with a few clicks on the keyboard to find out more information on something than I can digest alone with my computer. Sometimes somethings should be handed out slowly so one can digest . .. and personal conversations should be live in person not via electric impulses passed across wires – emmm