Beam Me Up

I should know better than to let all the electrical impulses bounce around in my mind where they inevitably form thoughts, thoughts can be good, bad, or indifferent.  The what if, should-a, could-a, would- a’s, are fodder for the squirrel that runs around in his cage in my brain.  If reality is a magic trick of electrical impulses – then who is watching?

As the name of this blog states: lots of forks or paths to meander down. Somethings are consistent on the main artery but where it gets interesting is wondering off along one of the many side paths. The detours along the way run the gamut of fun to unfortunate.

Visiting friends, taking a trip, figuring out how to do something new, all can be fun and exciting.  Being diagnosed with MS would be one of the crappy paths. The balancing act for me is trying to keep the fun things on the main roadway and the less desirable stuff limited to a side path. Not always an easy thing to do.  Sometimes the squirrel in the cage reminds me has it goes around in circles getting nowhere of the old saying: “even if your on the right track you will get run over if you just sit there”.

I do not spend a lot of writing here giving reports on the latest ailment of the day , what went numb, what hurts, cog fog, etc. although I do like to b a bit. I prefer sharing the ordinary everyday stuff and maybe sometimes I succeed in doing so.  Amongst all the haphazardly written posts is my quest to fight off the sucko stuff of MS and entertain myself along the way.

I wonder if on of these days the squirrel cage is gonna break and the squirrel will just get flung out by the centrifugal forces – then what?  Is the flag moving, or is it the wind?

Beam me u p – please! (another hokey kmilyun video):


    • I am working on getting some shots of the squirrels that peep around the pine tree by the front door and become very vocal while staring at me when I open the door. They will actually thump on the metal security screen to get my attention – they want peanuts!

    • It would be fun to meet you! I might head up to Oregon next summer if KRP can get the time off work. My niece and her family moved up there somewhere? And I want to visit my relatives in Washington. Who knows?

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