Same-o Same-o

Well from my reader I am finding the usual slow down that happens this time of the year now days.  I guess many are out and about shopping and spending time with live friends and family.

There are so many movies on that play on the ground hog day theme. Where the main character find themselves reliving one day over and over and over . … again. Eventually they figure out what they must to do to correct the timeline and end the perpetual do loop they are stuck in.

In real life we can learn from our mistakes, perhaps choose to become a better person but we do not get a do over. The mistakes I have made though the years are still there. Gosh it would be so awesome to get to go back and fix something’s but then again how would that alter who and where I am today? Ummm

Then I find many post where the main topic is lists. The evil to do lists with different spins on the subject.  From if only I could remember where I left the list to how wonderful it is to work down my list. Really? The spirit of the season has been relegated to lists?  Yes, I remember my parents and grandparents planning out the big meal. They did make a shopping list so hopefully they had all the proper ingredients on hand. My brother and I made Santa a list and eventually we figured out that it was more to help our distant relatives . … but I do not remember all the stress over these lists.  Guess I led a sheltered life.

Maybe I look at it all differently now. I can not just jump in the car and fight the holiday crowds. I really do not give a rats arse if I get a super duper present nor do I really have the money to buy someone else one.  While old friends hold party after party each year my invitations become less and less as I save my energy for Christmas day.  And so it goes.

Online acquaintances are a different deal.  Many just disappear this time of the year and some reappear.  I really do not have many folks I converse with daily.  The evil empire makes sure I am home alone most days so I am getting fairly good at entertaining myself.  Once in a while someone hollers road trip or has time to go somewhere.  So I guess that is why I post some of pics I took? as it is usually the only time I got out and about.  We all can only post what we know or what is going on in our lives.

Ground Hog Day anyone? Repeat?


One Dollar

video cameraThis video has been making the rounds on some of the social networks. just in case you missed it: