red no sign

red no signJust a quick NO warning!!

Gotta wonder how many folks do not realize or remember that when you fill out those little boxes with answeres to questions like :

street you grew up on?

name of first pet?

Moms maiden name?

as your security questions to recover, offer proof of identity, for many of your accounts that you should

NOT I repeat NOT make public knowledge of your answers!

Just a quick note cause there are a couple of mems going around again that glean this info from participants.

Hello At and t I forgot my password.

Ok I need you to answer the security questions you filled out when you signed up.


what was the name of your first pet?

the name of the street you grew up on?

town you met you husband/wife/etc in?

Somewhere there is someone who can and will use this believe me it is easier than you think to take over someones blog, cell phone account, twitter, you name it!

Be careful out there and if have put your answeres out there you might wanna go pick a new security question.

Just saying.