1. crash test dummy… i like it… and i bet you are better company than a blow up doll… okay, well i guess that would depend on the crowd!

    enjoy San Fran! I love that city…. it’s so cool and unique and fishy and artsy and all that other good stuff…. i am craving a trip out there… and a stop in Sausalito naturally… i dream of living someplace like that little spot…. oh my

  2. Oh, a trip to SF — most excellent. An adventure even as a crash test dummy (that was an LOL for me) would be nice.

    So, I recall that Billy has that big-ass truck that he could wedge into Chinatown spots. But how do you get your scooter in the back? Do you have a hoist or …?

    I know that if I want more freedom when I move, I need to get a scooter. Am starting to contemplate various logistics.

    Anyway, good trip!

    • You have to find a spot no matter how big or small to be able to squeeze into it LOL
      The one scooter breaks down easy and the only heavy part is the battery. It fits in a car trunk also.

      My scooter hoist has a name – Billy.

      So many options available depending on scooter choice, vehicle attached too . … Mike has electric ramp hoist that load it into the back of his van. My friend has one that hooks to the rear of car and me I have nada at the moment. Wish I did. If I could I would get the kind mike has where your ride up onto the ramp and the push the button and it takes it into the back of the truck/van no work other than keeping finger on button.

      The only problem with the carriers that are on back of vehicle is they stick out and it is harder to find parking spaces that accommodate the extra length of it.

      Just breaking down the scooter and lifting the battery into the truck is a PITA lifting the weight of batt into truck is hard for me. Putting into a lower car trunk much easier but still the battery is heavy.

      • Ah, so I should look for a scooter that folds down and get a hoist named Billy. Got it!

        Look forward to hearing about the adventure, snafus and all.

        • Well if you can not find a Billy then I would take a look at what is avail for your vehicle. Just saying lots of silly things that make some of the a PITA> The 3 wheel scooter I have breaks down easy and goes back together easy. The larger 4 wheel one is more of a pain but still doable.


  3. Last time I was in SF was in 1983. My BFF and I spent ten days at the Sheraton Palace (which claimed to be w/c accessible but kinda wasn’t. They had one ramp for two inside sets of stairs, depending on which door you entered by. We kept them hopping!! I remember there were curb cuts everywhere, but not another wheelchair user in sight. I only missed using the cable cars – but my friend got pretty good at jumping the cable car tracks! Something you might have to watch out for with a scooter. A manual chair might be a better option, even if someone has to do the pushing for you. Just sayin’. My friend pushed me to the top of Nob Hill — That was when we wished we had a topographical map, if you know what I mean. We decided not to go down Lombard Street. There are limits. Be sure to have a dim sum lunch – they have some of the best.

    • When I catch my energy back as it has wondered off right now I will post the adventure particulars. No dim sum had 🙁

      Last trip Billy did take the big arse truck down Lombard wish I had a video of that one!

  4. Have a great time in SF! Take pictures! Make a video! Wish I was going somewhere on the weekend……

  5. The trip sounds great — I haven’t been to northern CA in a lo-o-ong time. Enjoy! And, yeah, a video would be so cool!
    I, too, have problems with some websites — the reverse type (light type on dark background) bothers me the most.
    If my blog annoys you, let me know — I need to hear so I can make changes.

    • I love going to the bay area the salt air woo!
      Your website is fine for me I was not meaning any particular site just a general thing that gets to my eye balls at times. It is a bit of a quandary to tell someone your site drives me nuts or not LOL The sites that have all the fancy slider posts take me forever to find the current post augh~

  6. Problems figuring out what an author was blogging about… I hear you. I frequently have that problem reading my own blog. Was there a point to that, I wonder?

    I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures in SF, snafu or no. (In fact, a snafu or two is likely to make for more interesting reading.) I don’t much like cities, but I like that one.

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