Triple Talk and Driving

No driving to the IslandAs you know I have not blogged in a while – oops!  Each time I sat down with the intent to post I became side tracked. Life has a way of doing that – side tracking me that is.

Stuff that I have been doing includes a couple of trips to the  dentist to fix a couple of fillings. A trip to San Francisco where Billy, KRP, and I spent the day with Billy driving us all over the place. Stopped and had a late lunch at the Delancey Street Restaurant where I had a spinach salad and a bowl of chowder.

We had a blast just driving places that are not on the usual list.  Driving down Lombard Street, over to  Coit Tower, and eating at the restaurant were the only standard places we went.  We  just looked out the truck windows as Billy drove up and down who knows how many different alleys and streets.

At home all the dogs are doing well. Catfish is hanging in there and Annie has not eaten any more corn cobs!

The rest of what has been going on is in the video – yeah it has some shots taken while driving around – they are kind of giggly in some spots because the country truck does not do city pot holes well! I played around with some basic effects too.

Triple Talk (and driving video)

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End of A Frontier

just a quick post – I am sitting here watching television – waiting for the last landing of a space shuttle – the end of the United States manned space program.

I have been a fan of the space program since I watched the first moon landing – my memorabilia collected through the years stored in my Grandmother old trunk.

It saddens me.

Our country will no longer be one dreaming of frontiers – of possibilities – then again we lost that along time ago.

It is landing soon how beautiful she fly’s