1. how fun! when i click to enlarge and get the viewer window… can click really fast through the photos and makes like a mini-vid… cool!

    • I thought about using the macro and getting closer but egg on my lens (or face) did not seem like a great option. So I just cropped – shhh don’t tell that I actually cropped and adjusted the lighting LOL. I used the 50mm 1.4 so I got a bit too much light. the first egg was a bust – pun intended and I missed the crash. Ok the first 6 eggs – I am thinking KRP is going to go what the? when she opens the carton. At least we got them from Bill and Trish chickens so it is not like wasted money.

    • Yep bubbles in the sink and running water always are good fun. Food coloring in water, smoke twirling, . …

      Nothing is really safe when on the hunt for something to shoot ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How about Catfish and Annie eating their dinner?

    I have seen pictures of cats eating (lapping up milk), but none of dogs gulping their kibble. Just a thought…

    Oh, and cool egg! I hope you kept them and at least fed them to the dogs.

    • All cracked eggs were eaten. i scrambled two for myself and then the rest I scrambled up and fed to Catfish. Annie does not really care for eggs so Catfish ate most of them.

      chow shots LOL

    • well you can join us on google plus and play the weekly game.
      and just so you know the eggs were not apart of the challenge we did last week since Sherri has blogged bout it guess I will have to put mine up now ha!

    • you should join us! it’s fun! and for me, it helps me to think of things that i normally wouldn’t… or that i’m too lazy to look for lol …. i think of this is not only creative but sort of in line with those silly brain exercises the neuros are always talking about ha

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