1. how cute!! love all of the pictures… fun to see old pictures… and the pink ballerina! do you remember the moves? i know nothing about ballet except for the word plie and that it starts in the fifth position… not sure where i picked that information up from ha!

    thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • I do not remember any of the moves. I do remember being excited about the new fancy shoes I got :). Now my moves are wobble, wobble, whoops, and boom.

  2. You were a cutie pie, especially in your pink tutu. So, you took ballet lessons. I didn’t take any dance lessons – my forte was piano. When I joined a softball team one Summer at the Rec Center, my Mom worried that I was becoming a Tomboy. Geez. She had nothing to worry about there; it was just recreation. She certainly didn’t think I was going to become a skate queen when I took ice skating lessons. She had nothing to worry about there, either. I had next to NO athletic ability.

      • Well the way I managed those pics became hard to manage with the newest version of WordPress. So, it was either update and edit the html and css code each time something updated or give up – sorry but I chose the give up (or in LOL). It does support gravatars. I do not like the monster and pattern things so those without gravatars get the funny little brown smiley square.

    • I took piano lessons and played softball also. I ice skated once or twice and did a great slide onto my arse. Organized sports were really not my thing but my parents were always signing us up for different things. Girls Scouts, 4H . …

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