• Yeah it takes me forever now days to undo the screws and stuff. fumble fingers. All my drives are fine (except one external that died prior to this problem).

  1. Jan – you are so knowledgeable about computers and still have all sorts of hardware problems. So what are we mere mortals to do?

    What about the little bird feeders that can go on your window with little suction cups. Would those be torn down by kids or gardeners? Could you put them up high enough to be out of their reach/

    • It would be more of an inconvenience if money were not so tight. I would just go buy a new case move everything over and add things one at a time.

      We are not suppose to put anything out – cracks me up really – with everything that goes on around here.

  2. Cranky said what I was thinking — if Jan’s perplexed by computers issues, the rest of us should just crawl under the covers and hide. :0

    Glad you got a couple outings to some refuges. Can you feed the critters from your patio area?

    Am still dealing with a few things and not yet moved in — a few issues along the way. But close and at least it’s sunny here about all the time!

    • I think I have it figured out. The aluminum case ripped from the weight of the graphic cards, the top graphic card pulled out of its socket then arced, the system went nuts. Then Cmos battery was dead so I replaced it and reset the bios. The machine is back online reboots itself magically sometimes in an hour sometimes it goes hours . … augh! Maybe I need a stick and vacuum 🙂

      Seems the only time I get out is when someone else is in the mood to go wildlife viewing. I could put a feeder out in the back patio area but Annie dog would have more fun than the birds.

      I am glad to hear you are closer to getting settled. I know it has been quite a crazy ride. Hope Jakester is not too stressed.

    • Thank you for the offer Tim. 🙂 I have them all up and running now. I just did a complete reinstall on the one in the Scout case. It took forever to get all the windows updates because it is Vista I must remember to run it once in a bit and get the updates as we know Vista is always needing updates ha ha. The graphic card checked out ok. I am watching the case rip in case it goes further.

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