1. oh Annie! LOL so lucky that one wasn’t a winner… can you imagine calling the lotto commission and telling them “my dog ate it”….

    glad your computers are playing nice once again… i’ve missed you around here… and well, i’ve been extraordinarily busy too so we’ve been playing “tag” ha!

    glad PE has started up again…someplace to go, something to do…. hope they get that construction done soon! seems like they’ve been working on it for a while eh?

    we are 80 degrees and sunny…. bleh… i want winter!!! ok not super cold but you know, 60? that would be nice

    • I know I was laughing – hello I swear those were my numbers but the dog ate it, she ate my homework also . … really! Last night we had strong winds and it rained fairly hard most of the late afternoon and evening. We sure did need the rain it has been a dry year so far.

    • Seriously, I noticed the new power supply is making a ticking noise! WTF this is getting ridiculous. I guess I will pull it out and take it back. What a pain in the arse. Quality control gone to heck and gone – as in I do not think there is any. I am going to borrow some bucks and return this one and fork out more bucks and get a way higher rated quality wise one.

      If this keeps up I might resort to Donna’s method of sticks and vacuums LOL.

  2. LOL – about Annie and the ticket. Gads, all the computer stuff again. My little machine is starting to overheat again. What do you think — canned air or vacuum cleaner again? 🙂 I believe I know your answer.

    Enjoy the PE classes — maybe knocking some construction barrels or pylons along the way could be a form of preparatory exercise!

  3. I know these computer woes are getting to be part of the routine :). I am betting on the canned air? They are building a new fancy smancy four story parking structure and adding and improving some sports fields. Our light-rail transit is expanding out to the college so the parking will be used for that and students. It sure is a big mess right now. One more roadway closed and it will be interesting.

  4. The parking garage and road improvements will be done just as you are finishing going there. That’s been my experience.

    Are you noticing any benefit from all the extra exercise?

    Do you recommend vacuuming out a laptop that runs on the hot side? Sometimes the fan comes on low, but if I am doing two things at once it revs up to high. Very annoying. If it stays on high for awhile I wonder if I just should shut down. And that sucks.

    • I think the parking garage and the rest will be completed before I stop going. The Adaptive PE class can be repeated as long as I like. The benefit of the extra exercise and stretches etc is hugh. So is having to get up and go somewhere each day and gasp socialize.

      The vacuuming of the computer is kind of a joke. I do not recommend it at all but know a few folks that have done so. My brother killed his computer doing it. I use the canned compressed air. Rubbing alcohol (99%) and water mixture half water half alcohol is good for the keys and screen. You can really mess up stuff if you blow or shove the gunk the wrong way. the DUH factor is having it unplugged.

      It is good that your fan control is working and speeding up the fan when needed. I had a Toshiba years ago that had a software problem so the fan would just run on high all the time.

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