• I am finding a common theme here – dust bunnies. I think it because I no longer run about the condo pushing a vacuum cleaner :). House cleaning is one of the thinks I put on my waste of energy lists ha ha . ..

  1. yay! you fixed it!

    i hate not being able to fix things the i once could… the logic roads in my brain just aren’t what they used to be…bleh

    funny how we all find things that are positive about our situations… we have to do that… it’s the only thing that can make sense of this effin disease!


  2. You can repair the scratches on the DVD game disk by using paste (White) toothpaste and rubbing it like a car wax until you get all the toothpaste off (Don’t let the toothpaste dry!).
    That will usually take all the scratches off or fill them in with the waxy clear stuff they put in toothpaste to make your teethies shiny. I believe it is a form of beeswax or some other weird thing, all I know is this works great and I now can listen to my Beatles album again without it skipping a beat…

    • Oh yeah and believe me I tried that and I am moving onto brasso LOL seriously it made a circular gouge into the disc not scratches really so I am thinking – going to the game store when I scrounge up the bucks and getting a used one if they have it in.

      I have saved many a disc with the toothpaste going from the inner circle to outer but not in this case 🙁 so I guess I will go back to Bioshock 2 and Gears of War 3 to entertain myself in the afternoons.

  3. You amaze me when you know how to do these repairs! I was like you — have someone fix it or buy a new one. Now with limited resources, I often do without. My son always took things apart like you — and he, too, understands the inner workings of machines. I still don’t, so I sit and pout! Glad you found the dust bunnies as the culprits!

    • I am not sure I really understand the workings of all these machines. i sort of just look at stuff and think well what the heck does that do and maybe if I do this or that . …

      Hey the dust bunnies just might take over . Now if I were an organized house keeper – naw probably not gonna happen.

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