1. i love happy endings too! especially when it comes to those who are dependent on us for their well being…. extra special

    i sure miss gaming sometimes… it was a favorite thing of mine way back when… like when MK was released… i think the last game system i had was PS2.. and i had sega…. sega was my favorite…. and i have to think… it’s been about 12 years since i’ve picked up a game controller….. eek!

    • I can still sort of do the remote with the xbox. It is the correct size and it seems to actually help me with the hand coordination. Then all the monsters running around and I have to engage brain and try and wipe them out LOL. No where near as good as I used to be but it gives me something to do.

      I remember those games. did you ever play the ones where it was all text?

      • i did! i played Drug Wars and Bedlam… those are the two i remember most…. there was another … oh heck… i don’t recall the name… and then the next games i really remember playing were the Leisure Suit Larry games back when Windows first came out…. ha! funny to think about those games now

        • Oh my gosh I had forgotten about Leisure Suit Larry! I saw an old pong game console at the goodwill and almost bought it just to have it here and force Brandon and Marrissa (his girl) to play it bra ha ha ha. I might finally win against them? But I passed.

          • Donna

            …Leisure Suit Larry…I must admit that is conjuring up some rather frightening images in my mind!

              • Donna

                Oh dear God. I’m not sure what to say except for that I suppose that I should keep a perspective that this was one of the pioneering efforts of the game world concept.

                Oh, Jake doesn’t approve of the music — definitely an ears back squinty reaction. 🙂

                • there really is not much to say other than that. It was different. I am with Jake on the music. The computer speaker that now goes beep at start up created such wonderful sounding tunes.

  2. Games are fun, I have not been into video game systems in a long time but your post makes me want to get one again.
    Good news about little Corkie. She is one lucky and loved pooch.
    Keep up the posts, they are fun to read.

    • How is your little Imac doing these days? The grand wiener dog? If you do get a game box let me know we can play a match although I suspect you will kick by cyber arse.

    • Oh she is doing so well and I am so excited that not only is she happy her new humom is too.

      sonic hedgehog I have not played that in years it was fun!

  3. Donna

    Ok, I never got into the game thing but have had some friends hardcore into it. I remember being mesmerized watching my roommate play over ten years ago. It wasn’t really the game — it was Lara. I think I had a crush on her.

    Hey, I do get that the scores must chafe the self-image/esteem some, especially for one used to kicking arse. However, I do think that gaming is probably good PT on the physical and cognitive end. Enjoy!

    Glad to hear the Corkie update — nice to have warm fuzzy stories in life these days.

    • the weather has been yucky on the days the either KRP or Mikey were off so I have not gotten out to take any photos. With the cost of gas I am not heading to the refuge on a so os day!

      Yeah gaming is good for the cognitive and sensory responses end. It is addicting also 🙂 On normal mode I am doing ok with the Gears 2 only missed one collectable and could not get to one of the Gears because I triggered the cut scene opps. Not the greatest kill scores but hanging in there.

      Warm and fuzzy stories are always good and sometimes needed more than others.
      Looking back on gentler happy times is nice too.


  4. You did a good thing with Corkie, finding a great forever home. She seems to be thriving there.

    I don’t do the gaming thing.

    • I am remembering correctly that you have saved a few yourself?

      What a surprise Webster that you don’t do the gaming thing 🙂 such a shock . … I kinda knew that somehow 🙂

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