1. Oh, looks like a lovely day! What’s the weather like there? Ya, I always the one who wants to go where no one else does. When hiking or canoeing or whatever, I’m the one that says…just a little further you guys…and I always get vetoed! Great scenery, and that little bird is soooooooooo sweet!

    • it was a nice day just a tad windy. Friday we had thunder clouds around, snow up in the
      Sierra’s. It stayed in the 60’s here and rained. Next week they are saying it will be 30 deg hotter. Oh my the 90’s again. Crazy weather no time to acclimate.

      For years I was the one that did most of the driving when we headed out for a hike or bike ride. Then advantage was it was hard to veto the one who held the reins to the chariot home. Now when I a get a notion to go somewhere a bit off the beaten path I just remind everyone about the time that they made me . … or remember when you . … it usually works. Besides they know I won’t stray to far now days.

  2. Thanks for the water pic, Jan. I didn’t know (or I forgot) that you had ON – how do you focus your camera so well? Those are cute little singing birds, and I am amazed you could even find their nest among the reeds. It looks like it was a great day to explore the refuge together.

    • Webster, I always used my left eye when taking pics, looking thru telescopes, ect. So of course that is the eye the ON hit and never recovered from. My right eye goes wonky once in a while when I get hot but nothing like the left and it is fine as soon as I cool down. They say it comes back I am thinking after four years it is not happening. MRI’s show lots of optical nerve damage in it.

      I still can not line up a shot with my right eye. It is crazy but my right eye does not “see” and translate the world to my brain the same way as my left one. As for focus I leave the camera on auto focus. It is smart little bugger. If I need to use manual then my right eye come through for me.

      As for finding the little birds and the nest? I noticed the nest looking through a 300mm lens scanning the reeds looking for the little bird that was making the rustling noises as it moved around in them. I think I waited so long there it finally thought I was part of the scenery.

  3. love the water pic… and the bird! how cute… he is all fuzzy… i actually found him in the reeds…took a while but i did… whew, sweating after that hidden object puzzle ha!

    i’m glad you and KRP got out of the house… was she sitting in the truck just waiting? hopefully reading or on the phone or listening to some tunes….

    • yeah cute little guy/girl for sure. If you found him that fast I should have put up the pic where he was back a bit further LOL. It is easier to find them when the wind is not blowing because the reed move when they hop around.

      KRP loves to sit and read and relax listening to the sounds. You make it sound like torture or something :). Umm birds or boom boom thunk thunk . …

      • no! not torture! lol

        i wondered if she went and sat with you while you were watching for shots or if she had another activity that she participated in lol i think it’s great that she goes with you

        it’s hard to find folks who are content to go and sit, and wait while we sit and wait… lol coach is a good sport as well. i pull over on the side of the road lots, or make u-turns to go back to something.. he just looks at me and giggles

  4. Oh what gorgeous photos! I love the little bird and his/her nest! I wish my photos came out well — for me, it’s not eyes that are the problem, but the one-handedness. My husband is looking into a new, lightweight, easy-to-use camera for me Then it’s back to pinching pennies to buy it. when I look at the all the pix I once took, I want to do it again.


    • I have the drop see it go boom problem sometimes. Not sure how large a camera you own but if you google “camera hand strap” and then look at images you will find there are lots of ideas/products out there. I use a neoprene hand one that goes all the way around my wrist and hold the camera stuck in place in my hand. The all I have to manage is pushing the buttons . … works kind of like duct tapping camera into hand . … not that I have ever tried that you understand 😉

  5. Donna

    There’s no bird in picture number two — I think you’re messing with us 🙂

    Glad you and KRP have a refuge, literal and figurative, to hang out at and just be.

    • Well there is too a LB in the pic right almost smack dab center – since it took me way to long to find the little bugger and get the photos . …. today it is raining again – strange weather so I guess I will take the time to clean the scooter and camera gear and . … OYE!

      Good the hear from yah! Give Jakester a hug.

  6. Diane J Standiford

    Hmmm, should I bitch first, bitch at end, or not bitch at al…OK, I’ll start bitching, I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve been to your blog–ugh and bad on me. Here was my first thought after reading your post and the comments (which I was forced to do, sort of, I prefer to comment unbiased by others), I am a good ‘waiter,” and a good “stay still”er—I like it. BUT (here is the bitch that enter my sick mind) when my partner shops…I hate sitting waiting with the guys. We are all so uncomfotable and the women are so CRAZY…a Nordstrom 50% off shoe sales sticks forever in my mind. It was SOOO SCARY. All us guys were ON EDGE.), waiting for shopping is not good for me, at a souluable level. (Yeah, I said it!)
    ON, fun times. My reason for more or less (more) giving up photography was hand unsteadiness. Tripod setting up is not doable, too much involved for me—other things time funner (YEAH I SAID IT) spent. NOW, here comes my real comment—you would LOVE the, um, “park” (it’s a bird sanctuary/swamp/bat sanctuary) — so many birds and weiird stuff growing there…you could spends weeks, months there and not figure it all out.) next to my assisted living home. You can have it all to yourself too, because few can make it in. BUT YOU TWO COULD! KRP (I thought you were talking about a radio station, that’s how out of the LOOP I am, GAWD, oops, a bitch slipped in, sorry) could sit with me! I am very entertaining. (Well…)
    I saw the bird. Nice shots.

    • I avoid shopping with zeal if KRP did not all my cloths would be vintage. Now my friend Mike and I go to local Frys with our scooters where we can zip and zig and zag throughout the place. His wife and KRP call it our candy store. when they are sick of us they say hey you guys should go to Frys LOL

      I like going to places others tend to avoid. A) it is a challenge B) no one else is there to make me feel uncomfortable C) I am mostly a loner now-days

      the weird stuff growing and the bats – I would probably go for that one fast – well more than likely I would be moving slowly and since a scoot around on my arse and crawl about on my knees I would wish to avoid those yucky yellow slugs. I still have memories of those dang slugs because my cousins took joy in finding them when we visited as kids. They were in what I call the swamp behind their house in Edmond’s and they always tried to gross the “girl” out. Ha!

      Clamps if you really wanted clamps on scooter bars and using the timer help with jiggles but then again you already said it is not fun for you. Oh yeah KRP yeah never thought it sounded like a radio station sign but yeah it does ha ha she will giggle on this one as she has been called a lot of thing but I don’t think radio station is one of them 🙂

      good to hear from you I shall go read the next installment of your adventures navigating obstacles and hoses . …

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