1. your pictures are fantastic! i bet it was loads of fun being up there. growing up in houston, we had field trips to the space center almost every year in school. it was amazing to be there. my great uncle was an engineer for NASA and helped develop the heat resistant tiles for the shuttle program. tmi, i know…

    your pictures are beautiful!

    • It was fun and exciting the shuttle flew so low it was amazing – it was hugh – it was exciting!

      I remember you telling me about your uncle before. Never TMI when it comes to all things space exploration! without heat resistant tiles – well instant incineration . …

      I did get to the Stennis Space Center and I hope to go visit the Endeavour in LA sometime.

  2. OMG how cool is that! The top of the building thing scared the dickens out of me, but you sure got some great photos. Thanks for sharing!

    • It was interesting up there. The set up of this buildings helipad was way more comfortable. The building in the first pic has a circular pad with climb up to it. On it you truly could fall off onto the lower roof top! This building has a wire grid surrounding the square around the pad and then the roof top edge where the local news cameraman was standing is also surrounded by a good rail – never felt like yikes if I slip I will be a goner LOL.

  3. Donna

    Way cool! Am glad you got to do this. Not a shabby place to have taken lunches either. Hope it was good seeing old co-workers.

    Thanks for sharing the pics…later…

    • Hiya Donna!

      It was cool. Kind of fun looking over to where I took lunches and seeing some of the people I knew looking back over at us.

      The shuttle atop the 747 was HUGH as it flew by – amazing . …

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