1. I like Andy Williams music. He had so much talent!

    I hate the hot temps as well. We haven’t cooled off too much… of course I live on the equator so I don’t expect we’ll have much winter around these parts. LOL

    I hope the new doc will be able to help get your ear healthy again.

    And here’s to finding good parking – and to people who will do valet service for you when needed! That rocks!

    • yeah the hot is getting old here – but at least it will cool off more than those of you on the equator 🙂

      It would be nice to hear out of both ears soon that is for sure!

      These kids are awesome and the one I have talked to are intelligent, motivated, and nice.

  2. Oh, I really dislike hot weather! Luckily we are moving along into autumn. Temps in the high 60’s this week! Hope you recover quickly from your ear infection.

    • 60’s during the days – yeah I look forward to them. I do not do sick or ear infections well – not the most pleasant company when I feel like doo doo.

  3. Oh, yuck — hot weather this late? That PT group sounds great! We have a lot of teaching hospitals around here, so I’m wondering if they have such sessions — have to check it out. (Actually, I think I may be beyond PT at this point, but it’s worth a little research.)
    Well, you hit on one of my favorites — Andy Williams. Loved him. When I was in high school, a lot of we ‘rebels’ started listening to our parents music, and I developed a real liking for it! Your old YouTube expired, but I loved Happy Heart. El Condor Pasa I liked better by Simon and Garfunkel.

    • The set up the program the school has is awesome. Maybe they do have one in your area.
      No such thing as beyond PT it is not a miracle maker but the ideas and exercises they can suggest are usually good and hey it is free! Here is the link to some of what they do here

  4. webster

    Sorry about your persistent ear infection. I hope the new antibiotic regimen works. It sounds like a PITA, but we gotta do what we gotta do. I was going to sign up for the Fall semester of PT at the UPS school. It is one of the better programs in the country I hear. But my car is being annoyingly unreliable. Last month we changed the TPS, then it wouldn’t start again. So we changed the fuel filter and spark plug wires. Seemed to do the trick, until tonight when it wouldn’t start again. Don’t have any idea what’s wrong, and don’t have much money to throw at it to find out. Argh!!
    I have two appointments next week. We better have it fixed before then. We’re out of both cat and dog food … and I am sick of powdered milk in my coffee. Cats and dog got a homemade concoction tonight, and at least seem full. As for the weather, we’re in for a week in the low 60’s. Better than high 90’s, so I won’t complain. Also, we’ve not had much rain to speak of since June. Though there was a little drizzle out there this evening – cats came in a little damp.

    • webster

      Oh yeah. I watched Andy Williams show when I was young. My parents liked him. I thought he was okay. Like Muff, I like the S & G version better. When I think of Andy Williams, it’s Moon River that comes to mind.

    • Out little dodge ram drove us nuts not starting intermittently it turned out to be some deal in the computer that told the truck to shut off if it was rear ended. It was suppose to get a message from the sensor and kill the full pump so it would stop pumping gas. That part of the circuit in the computer was toast. A little wagon I had used to shut off whenever it wanted and would not restart for at least three mins turned out to be some silly resistor attached to the side of the coil had a small hole in its protective coating letting moisture in. Crazy cars I wish you luck without one of those fancy car test computers garages have it can be crazy to find what is wrong.

      Yeah I like simon and G version better also but everyone was using moon river. We hit 100 again yesterday and they are saying the same again today umm where oh where is fall!
      Then again our levee system is in such a sad state I might wish for the hot summer this winter LOL

  5. Never heard of this before – I think it sounds fun for some reason! =)

    I believe in Nov. a PT will be visiting me at home. Hope my dog likes him or her…

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