Dec 212012

Hawk in Flight Took a drive out to the wildlife refuge yesterday. The seasonal changes are becoming more obvious. More water, leaf bare trees, etc. .

Most of the birds were just out my lens range to get a clear picture. The only birds up close and personal were the coots. Coots around here plentiful and it is very common to hear photographers and bird watchers say there is nothing here but the coots to let each other know that there are no interesting birds about. (I actually find the coots fun to watch.)  I spent most of my time just watching and listening. It is the first time in a long time that I have managed to get myself out there. The sun was shining (yeah) and there wind was not too bad, although a bit chilly. After about an hour and a half the clouds came and the sky became grey. Brrr . . .. so I headed back home before I froze what little arse I have off.

On the way back I found this scene interesting – different birds one without feathers:


Driving down the road I spotted a hawk atop the telephone line. I pulled the truck over and the bird flew off and landed a few poles down along the side of the roadway.  I drove forward and as soon as I rolled down my passenger window the bird flew away again LOL. You thing I would have this down by now eh?  I left the window down and slowly crept forward past where the hawk had landed figuring that each time he flew he landed ahead of me. This time it worked. Even with the vibration of the running truck and shooting at an odd angel out the passenger window I managed to an ok set of it landing.

I left the photos untouched except the second one – I bumped up the  brightness a tad so you might see the the hawks colorful plumage more as I did in person.

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  1. Nice, Jan, as usual. Back when I used to ride to work with Scarecrow, there was a place on our route where one or more redtails frequently hung out. The high point of the trip! (Hey, you’ve got to get excited about the little things.) And coots? Nothin’ wrong with coots. Or gulls. Or crows. These days, I’m rather fond of birds I don’t have to creep through the bushes to see.

    It’s the winter solstice! Have a happy holiday (whatever you celebrate), and a really really good new year!

    • Zoom! I sometimes wish there was a window I could look out and see birds. I am not particular I like watching them all – little, big, coot or swan. I was excited about the Red-tail as most along the roadways hurry off when a car approaches or so far off the road and out of my lenses range.

      The little big deal this month was I actually got myself out and did something – anything – yeah.

      Happy Winter Solstice to you and yours.

  2. Oh…so happy to see you back in the blogsphere. Love that helicopter and bird shot!

    Have a Happy Winter Solstice, and a Merry Christmas!

    • I finally logged into my blog and after clearing the spam and updating word press and my plugins I figured i ought to post something :). I try to keep up with everyone’s blogs.

      When I watch the planes and helicopters I always get anxious thinking the birds will get clobbered.

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  3. Glad you got out and put in some gandering time.

    Like the hawk landing shot.

    Happy new year a bit early — here’s to 2013 improving on 2012!

    • Hiya good to hear from you! Happy New years to you also. Time does march on and I hope I can enjoy what is to come as well as cherish happy memories from what was without getting stuck in a valley of lows LOL.

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