1. Have Myelin

    Hi! When I first saw your post title I thought hmmmm, she’s cooking Stoner Soup? LOL! Pot…for Pezole. Not Pot and Pezole, or Pezole with Pot, LOL…


    • Ha ha ha – too funny!

      I think it was Chinese writings that make first mention of pot. But it was was the same group that stopped the use of the sacrificial meat that are credited with introducing it into Mexico in the 16th century.

      I think I would have to be way past stoned to get over my inhibitions . …

  2. No guilt. Your stockpot will more than justify whatever you spent on it with years of yummy, budget-friendly meals – almost none of which need a recipe. Which reminds me; I wonder if Scarecrow remembered to get black-eyed peas for New Year’s? Whatever’s on the menu, have a happy!

    • Tradition! The pot will get plenty of use other than the pezole. I use my old cast iron dutch oven for beans etc. One of our traditions here is cheeze fondue.

  3. I, too, wondered about the pot, but you put that thought to rest. We have a big kettle, but no stock pot, which is fine because we have no space to store one.
    I agree that Foster Farms are much better than Southern grown chickens, and are the only ones I (used to) buy.
    I was a recipe cooker. Did lousy by my own devises.

    • I have wanted an excuse to get a larger pot for a while. No place for it either space here is limited so I am just going to put it on top of the china cabinet. Foster farm chickens are the only chickens I can afford that are not shot full of stuff that makes me hyper. The only fowl I eat is chicken and turkey – no goose for me.

  4. Donna

    Ack! Well, I re-arranged my bookmarks and the blog reader went into a folder instead of its usual place on the menu bar. You can see how well that’s been working out for me!

    Really, hominy (which I love) is alkalized or somethun-another soaked corn? For some reason I always thought it was a unique specific vegetable.

    Beautiful stock pot. I’ve often bought quite cheap cookware and, well, you can tell. It’s crappy and usually needs to be replaced often. Enjoy!

    • I have finally sort of kind of figured out google reader. I just get in trouble every once in awhile now. Sorry to mess up thinking hominy was a unique veggie for you. I should have told you to go pick some of the hominy tree. 🙂

      How about picking some chi chi beans. It is kind of a pain to get em off the branches but well worth it. Fry them up in olive oil with some slices garlic until the hulls turn dark brown with a tad of black. Sprinkle em with sea salt and then pop the been out of shell and into your mouth.

      Save you the time of google chi chi or ceci beans are just garbanzo beans aka chic peas.

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