1. Congratulations! It looks delicious. Deboning a chicken is a pain in the ass. Pork would surely have been easier. I understand dealing with numb fingers – makes lots of things tough, like typing!

    • Yeah it took me hours to accomplish it was truly a pain in the arse for me. It was easier than hitting the correct key on the keyboard. Every time I replace a keyboard I get one with larger keys. Then there is the forgetting where a key is . …

  2. Diane J Standiford

    I knew you would do it! MS has taken food prep from me. Oh well. I’ll just eat vicariously from your blog! Happy New Year!

    • I am not so adept at it anymore but two days of stubborn got me through it – this time. Now I will go back to letting someone else do the cooking that involves more than opening a package with scissors and nuking it in microwave.

  3. Donna

    Oh man that looks awesome! You know I rarely follow a menu. I’m not morally opposed to the concept rather I’m usually missing a couple ingredients and substitute. Then after the first time or two or making something, I kind of fly with throwings things together. But of course that leads to hit and miss. And, when something is a hit, I ponder what exactly I threw in there!

    Possibly this is why I’ve never understood the “secret recipe” concept. Or how some folks will leave out an ingredient on purpose so you can never make their legendary whatever.

    This really does look worthy of attempting minus the deboning a chicken.

    • Bra ha ha! I really only let out one thing cause well I promised and they read my blog. My pezole sure would not be considered legendary. The only thing is I added salt to my bowl later and all the side toppings. I never use salt much – so many folks have diet limitations – so that is my politically correct cooking contribution.

      I learn by experimentation and watching others. I make fried eggs the way my grandmother did. My mom’s eggs never taste the way mine or my grandmothers did. I have made them in front of her to prove that I am not holding out. She does exactly the same thing I do and hers never tasted the same as grandmothers. Go figure?

      A few days before New Years I attended a family party where all the cousins etc of my friends husband from Mexico came. Lots of pezole. Red and Green. Each was different. One gals was awesome! It was like she won the blue ribbon at the state fair. If I understood Spanish better I would have had some great pezole.

      As for the chicken packaged thigh and leg quarters . .. big bones easy to remove.

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