1. That’s a big project! I was never a book keeper, just special or rare ones. I use Kindle now, so I can keep everything I read, it stores 3,000 books.

    • I do not know why I am a book keeper I guess it is a way of marking an accomplishment – dunno. I still have all my expensive and rare books stored safely in my friends storage unit. Not enough room here for them. Someday I hope we live somewhere where I can display them.

  2. And here I thought I was anal! I have seven bookcases/shelves, and I haven’t catalogued a one! I keep them for no known reason. I don’t have a nook, kindle, or smart phone, so I have no apps. I still go to the library rather than purchasing books, which I used to do — a lot. If I can get it for free, why pay? I’ve never counted the books I own, and I don’t keep track of the ones I read. If I re-read one, oh well, no problem. Is there something wrong with me? Here I am, an English major, a Masters in English, and a former English teacher, and I never kept such information. I never even knew I SHOULD have been keeping track. Oh, woe is I… You’ve put me to shame!

    • I purchase some of my books from the Goodwill and get many from friends that pass them along to me. One man that KRP works with is an avid reader and has similar likes in genre that I read for fun. I gave up checking them out of the library because I dislike driving there and would put off returning them.

      Re-reading is not really the issue. The classics are meant to be read and read again do you not think so? I am sure you do. For my non English major mind it is the waste of money I try and avoid. When I keep the list up others can find books for me. This may surprise you but I used to be able to remember.

      Many of my English teachers from grammar school thru college had us keep reading journals – maybe it is a west coast thing? My grandparents kept them when they were young in North Dakota, Oregon, Kansas.

  3. I miss my books… oh how I miss my books.

    I was “forced” to part with them when we moved. I had them all in a rented storage unit because they wouldn’t fit in the tin can. I had 972 at last count. I had them cataloged on a spreadsheet and was gradually getting them added on goodreads but failed miserably at that.

    If I lived in a situation where I could’ve kept them, I would’ve. I miss them every day. Not sure why but I do….

    • I have no idea how many books I have parted with through the years. They are fun to collect. When my closet starts over flowing like it is now I eventually end up donating them to the church or another non profit. My special coffee table, reference, and collectors stay in storage for now.

      I still have my first books from my childhood as my mom kept them safe and sound for me. What is it about books that we miss them when they are gone?

      • they are like old friends… something we can go back to for comfort… something we can open up and smell the pages. most especially those books that transported us to another place where we have fun or feel good or find comfort in… i miss those books

        • Yeah and they all have a different smell depending on the ink and paper used. I remember when we would order books at school – when they came we would all sniff away. When a catch that smell somewhere it takes me back.

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