Jan 142013

pile o booksIt sure has been cold here the past few days.  What they call a hard freeze. Here in Sac we usually do not experience days of sub 32 deg’s this time of the year.  I made sure the exposed water pipes were covered and have not been outside since other than to take trip to a local bookshop. Burr . ..

My book project is coming along.  I spent the past few days clearing them out of the closet and piling them up in the corner of the bedroom. We so need a bookshelf!  The library-thing is my favorite site for cataloging , reading reviews, and getting recommendations.  I tired goodreads once and never really got into it. It seems more of a social site to me,  prompting me to connect to facebook, something I do not wish to do. I guess it personal preference. I prefer the cataloging features features that librarything offers. What I discovered is that there really is not bookshelf type android app for the librarything.  Goodreads yes, Librarything no, that will update on my tablet.

Since it cold out there and I am bored . …  I scanned every book I found  into goodreads and the librarything. I realize that scanning ISBN codes into an app is not everyones cup o tea.  Modern technology sure saved me on this one though. Reading all the tiny numbers of so many books an almost impossible task for me anymore – scanning them in a major time saver.  I now have most of my books stacked along the wall and in the goodreads and librarything databases.  I imported the librarything database into goodreads  and I can now scan books as I find them into the tablet and update goodreads and librarything.

I found a wonderful local bookstore the other day.  One that carries used and new books not found easily in today’s box stores inventory.  They had works by  Colin Cotterill, Hakan Nesser and Arnaldur Indridason to name a few I have been having trouble finding. Yeah for the independent family owned stores! It pains me to say that my mom has mentioned this store to me before but I never paid much attention.  The folks running the store were so nice and knowledgeable.  They did not treat me like an idiot when I had trouble coming up with authors names and titles with my confused MS brain.  I was looking at my tablet and said oh I would hate to mispronounce the authors name and show my ignorance and the gentleman just giggled and said he had been selling books for years and still had troubles.

He then asked to look at my tablet and he started looking down my list of what I had been reading. You have some nice books here he says. Then the lady that was sitting behind the counter reading asked to take a look. They made me feel comfortable – not stupid – something that does not happen in the big box stores. I am sure that when KRP and I first entered the store first impressions as I hobbled about in my jeans and worn out tennis shoes and had trouble remembering names and titles was not the greatest. Rather than write me off they in a most natural way started suggesting books and found some I needed.   I have few books that they are trying to locate for others and almost have me talked into trading them in – I am still thinking that one over.

It was a pleasure shopping in their store. It is the first book store I have managed to leave in a long time not feeling like an idiot because of my multiple sclerosis chicken walk and brain farts. This afternoon if the television repair person arrives and finishes in time we are going to take Miky to the books store – grin – maybe she will buy some books I need to read – as I have her hooked on a few the series I enjoy.

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  1. We used to have so many small bookstores around here, and in my healthier days, I knew every single one, and the owners knew me, too. Now, there’s only B&N, but as I said before, I’m now using our local library more. I can call, email, or go in person, and they’ll order books I want. The two librarians know me and my taste, so we’re in regular contact.

    • We are on our way back to this store with Miky. I believe that I will be able to call these folks up and make requests. They seemed the type to care about their customers likes and dislikes and I plan on doing a lot of business with them! I stopped using the public library much. Between driving there and forgetting to return books on time (a big no no in my world) I tend not to go often.

      I classify stores in my own judgmental way. Most box stores stock what I call goodwill books – those by authors you always see at the second hand stores. BN has down stocked as of late also. So unless I choose to order online . …

  2. I miss books. I can still read on my Kindle, but I miss the physical presence of books.

    • I have tried reading on Miky’s kindle and do not find it as enjoyable as a paper book. It drives my eyes bugging so I hope I can keep reading books without having to switch to e-books.

  3. Isn’t it wonderful to find the best bookstore? Back home I had that… here, I haven’t found it yet. In the meantime, I’ve been doing the library thing. Like Muffie, I enjoy being able to browse on line and place holds on books I would like to read. I also like that if the book isn’t available at my local branch, they will have it sent from another branch.

    The part I don’t like is having to give them back LOL

    When I had all my books, I built some bookshelves because I was poor. I bought some cinder blocks from an ad in the Greensheet. Then I hit up some local scrap wood places and construction sites. I found various boards in different sizes, purchased a few cans of spray paint and built the most unique bookshelves around town ha! That would be the artsy fartsy in me though… various shapes and sizes of wood to make the shelves… ah well… it worked.

    I’ve enjoyed watching all your books go up on Goodreads… amazing collection you have!

    • I remember the cyder block shelves! I am thinking if I do not get rid of some of these books soon I will be spray painting away.

      maybe that is why I always forget to return on time – I dunt wanna give emmm back LOL.

  4. Anne Perry! Nevada Barr! Our tastes obviously overlap; I’ll have to paw through the rest of your Goodreads list!

    I try to remember to keep Goodreads updated, but since I frequently can’t remember the book I just finished, I suspect some never make it onto the list. Not that it really matters.

    We have a local independent bookstore, and I guess I like them OK. They sell new and used books, have a decent selection of the kind of books I’m interested in, comfy chairs to sit and read, music on Friday/Saturday nights, adjacent coffee, bakery, and food court-kind-of-thing. What little service I’ve asked for has been competent and cheerful. It’s just not… cozy. It feels like a department store, which is what the space used to be. Not their fault, I guess.

    But the library! The King County Library (KCLS, to its friends) rocks! It was a frequent weekend hangout when I could go there in person, but now its online services are a lifeline to the real world. I’d be lost without them. Really.

    • The public library in my parents neighborhood is very nice. They will get any book transferred to them that you request etc. and the librarians are helpful. The branches nearest me – not so much. I love Nevada Barr! and your goodreads or librarything is under??? my goodreads is

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