May 142013

D7K_9247rszFirst off this is not our unit or building. What is creepy is that the unit on the left is the exact floor plan of our unit – creeps us out.
I wish I had the guts to say much of  what I have over heard on the streets as to the cause of this fire. But . …

The main thing is that watching this fire go from small to large in a very abnormally fast rate reinforced many fears. The most over heard comment from the gathered crowd – sarcastically said was along the lines of – now who did not see that coming?

The games in here have gone up a notch.  Folks with units that have absolutely nothing to do with all this crap have lost everything. A dog died, two fire persons were hurt, fights happened, rumors (s0me true some BS) spread. Threats of revenge abound.  And a few folks seemed to forget that innocent folks lost out here and were making comments about how at least they would have some peace tonight.

After the fire was at put out the hot spots stage I went home and got my camera.  I just uploaded the first frame that looked ok.  Maybe I will post more later but not right now. As the yelling and threats started I boogied home again.  I lost count of fire trucks at 10.  Police cars, crime scene units, incident response units . …

I wish the public service folks would figure out that not everyone here is a thug, not everyone here is in a gang, not everyone here is third generation welfare – nope a majority of the folks here are hard working and just trying to survive.  If I here the NHLI again I will scream. And P.S. they are townhouses not apartments all you news reporters and fire chiefs they are individually owned no big corporation here to eat the losses.

If they change tack and rule this accidental I will eat my . …

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  1. Jan, that’s so frightening! We had a house fire in 1990, and it really has a lasting effect. Hope everything turns out all right.

  2. Muff,
    i too have been through a fire back in the mid 70′s. Melted car, dead dog . …
    the scary here is not fire but the who and how of it.

    We have a tad over 1 1/2 before we can access retirement funds and then . … can you say outta here!!

  3. I hate that you have to access your retirement funds, but I do see the necessity of it. Outta there. 1 1/2 years is too long, IMO. glad that you’re safe. [Dare I say at least for now?]

    • Webster,
      Well at least we put in every check for 32 years. If we could pay the crazy rents in safe areas in the town we would be gone already.

  4. Oh Jan! That’s awful and scary! It’s going to be a wonderful day when you two can get outta there! Those thugs are evil and frightening.

    • It is still tense in here to say the least. Well one way to look at it might be the sad truth that one less group of nasty . … I think we will hold a big arse party! i know you know your codes it was crazy listening here to the radio chatter. 28.02 pc your time.

  5. Yikes! I’m glad you are all okay. I’d be outta there ASAP.

    • I need a rich long lost relative LOL :) I do noise, shootings, vandalism etc. pretty dang well now days but threat of fire ummm . ….

  6. Egads. Nothing to say that hasn’t been said and that you don’t know. So sorry and glad your safe for now.

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