1. A lot to think about here! I got frightened when items for which I had browsed, in the hope of purchasing, began to appear on other sites. [cue the eerie music] Then today, I looked up a recipe, and pop-ups appeared about where I could buy the main ingredients at supermarkets close by. [more music] So, I think our privacy is just about shot on this inter webby thing. Good post — thanks for making me think about it. And thanks for the shot-out!

    • The pop ups are at the least annoying. I try and block them in my browser. It seems that almost everyone (individual or corporate) seem to think they need or have the right to know everything about us. Today the goo gile search on my cell phone app let me know it needs to access contacts, calender, location, identity, text messages, media files, and just about everything else on the phone. Privacy?

  2. Gosh, I lost track of you since I stopped posting on Meandering. Nice to find you through Muff’s blog. I still enjoy blogging, but in a less wordy way on my photo blog.

    • I took all my saved reader contact lists through the years and imported them into one reader. Now I have hundreds that I need to go through and remove the ones where the blog no longer exists. Your photos are one of the highlights in my reading.

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