Heat and Smoke

It has been hot – On Sunday the temperature hit 105 and then 106 degrees on Monday, short of the record set in 1972 of 113. Today is expected to stay in the upper 91?s oh goody! I stay in my one room upstairs that has the extra portable a/c unit. Our main central unit was set at 80 and never shut off and never got the condo lower than 83 deg’s. Since it recirculates the hot air upstairs the downstairs never really gets cool. Two story places with crap insulation suck.
It is really smoky outside right now due to a grass fire near the wildlife refuge. The news and fire headlines were all about how it was near the correctional center – and it is – umm I worried about the refuge birds and critters that use the brush out that way. I figure the two legged ones will be shuttled to safety if need be. The small airport nearby was closed for a bit too. I guess I am getting very cynical now days when it comes to the bi pedal variety around here. Living in close proximity to the ignorant ghetto trash might be the reason. Seriously, it amazes me how many people think that someone, anyone but them, owes them something. If they can not earned it they just take it or destroy it.
The local wildlife and rescue center might close if enough donations are not received to help fund it. I do not have much money but I am thinking of sending them some? Decisions, decisions, I hope some corporation or financially well off persons step up. I don’t do pay pal so I will have to mail a check.
Well that is it for now it is starting to warm up up here and I need to shut down the computer.

Read more here: http://www.modbee.com/2014/07/15/3440175/mini-heat-wave-to-end-in-sacramento.html#storylink=cpy