1. Cool, you are finally out of that place! I am so happy for you. I know it will be a transition to make since the new home is smaller, but weighed against all that violence it is a small (no pun intended) sacrifice to make. Hugs to you all!

    • hiya there Tim! How is at your end of the main parkway? If you give me a few weeks to catch our breaths you should come over.

  2. Donna

    Yikesamoly – holy smokes. Glad you’re ok and that you had support from friends. The new place looks and sounds peaceful.

    Sorry about Catfish.

    Would love to touch base with you when things settle down. Take good care.

    • Yes it would be fun to touch base. Hopefully in a few weeks most stuff will be put away somewhere. It is smaller and it is quiet yeah! Biggest issue this week so fat is someone did not clean up their dogs poop.

      • Donna

        Yeah, I know about down-sizing. Doing that right now. Going from a small one bedroom plus den apartment to a just a bedroom with a storage cabinet in another room. Got rid of over half my stuff but it still is a challenge. And, the body isn’t too happy about exceeding my appropriate activity limits (understatement alert). Yeah, let’s touch base — I’ve had emails started to you over the last two years. Egads.

  3. I’m relieved that you’re away from such a frightening place. The new place sounds/looks great. I hope you have many happy times there!

  4. SOUNDS oops sorry for yelling, i’ll whisper instead…… like you got out of there in just the nick of time. good for you to get your own place, even if it is small; my house is only a little more than twice as big, and it has tight corners and an impassable bathroom door. i have to go in on my waler.

    so sorry about catfish. please post a pic of annie and dog.

    • Webster yelling? naw LOL it did work out nice with the new home closing and finding a buyer for the old right off the bat. I will get some snaps of Annie that are current More on that later . …

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