About the Authors



It is the ball and nothing but the ball so help God. I love to play ball - really I do! My mom Molly was a pure bread black Labrador retriever. My dad appeared to be all lab but probably not. I have the classic otter tail, web feet, and retriever traits but . .. I was rescued by my hu-moms and like to forget my first home. Want to play ball?


First off, if my fur and ears didn't give it away - I am a dog. My mom was a Llhasa apso and my dad was a 120 pound mutt. Do not ask me how come I ended up with my moms short legs and my dads face. I was born off the Sutter By-pass in 2005 on the dry side of the levy. My favorite toys are my orb of fuzz and Mr Bear-bear. Right now I am dealing with cancer so some days are better than others.


I like photography and music, riding my bicycle, Schloss cheese and soda water. I love my friends , family, my dogs Catfish and Annie and laughter. All I really want is to live life...to the max. Diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in 2008 I am bouncing back and forth between acceptance and anger. I am 55yrs. old and live in Northern California .