Puzzle Piece’s

purple puzzle piece

purple puzzle pieceSometimes trying to find my way in the world is exhausting LOL/ I refer not to mobility but the “where do I fit in this puzzle” thoughts. Searching for where we fit in the social structures of society is a normal thing. Teenagers a perfect example of testing out theories. For many years I had my puzzle put together and I was self assured I knew where my piece fit in. Then came multiple sclerosis! Soon my puzzle started coming apart – puzzle  piece s stopped fitting and soon my puzzle totally disassembled.

The Puzzle

If I were to divide my present puzzle up into major components I would start with three. Personal friendships and family, adaptive physical educations class and support group peeps, and Ms bloggers. The first group contains the most puzzle piece s that do not always match.  I thought the second section would contain the most like pieces but . … and the third? Let me know!

Puzzle Pieces – Lost expectations

Gosh I expected that those pieces of my life – my friends and family – would have been the first I could reassemble my puzzle from. Some puzzle piece s grew legs and split as soon as finances became an issue. I never noticed  the image on the puzzle piece was that of dollar bills being spent on dinners out.  The puzzle piece s with single track running though the forest and poker run arrows on the pavement faded and their edges became bent.  Nothing depicts a last minuet road trip than a puzzle piece showcasing the rest stop facilities. Apparently bright blue porta-potties do not blend well with the yellow stripe on the roadway.  I think someone dumped another puzzle into my puzzle box when sorting this one out. After sorting the folks whose pieces still remain form the border of the puzzle. Long gone are the pieces that got lost along the way and a few that are still hiding lost in the fuzz bunnies of my life.

Puzzle Pieces – Comparison’s

Getting pieces to fit in the second section . Each piece has it’s own set of sort rules. In PE the people with MS are down right obvious about their sorting. I listen and observe and it has been amazing. First of I must admit that I have my own sorting process – those who try to exercise and those who do not. This sort of mine includes everyone in the class. The MS people (most attend or support group also) seem to spent a lot of time deciding where everyone fits in their world. I finally overheard enough whispered comments to get a general idea of the main sort. Those who can do many things better than the person sorting and those who are worse off. By their standards of coarse :). If doing better they start discussing it. I am so happy to hear that I must not have MS because I can do _________. It would be funny but ostracism is not fun if your the one left out.

The most interesting part of the sort to me in class is that the non MS folks do not seem to judge as much. They either like someone or they don’t. It does not appear to be based on abilities but personalities. Cool. Wonder why the MS peeps judge so much? It is understandable that everyone is not everyone ‘s cup of tea so to say but, tossing out a puzzle piece based on how it’s disability compares to yours is illogical to me. If I were to toss out all the pieces that were smarter, faster, more tenacious than I, I would end up with a bunch of pieces all of the same shape, size, and pattern – how would my puzzle come together to form a complete picture?

This leaves Blogging, blogs, bloggers . …

Where do you fit in???

Where is your puzzle piece?

One of the songs that I always have thought fun and it’s simple tune gets stuck in my head worse that Flipper, or Mr Ed . … is the Purple Puzzle Tree.

and we have the Beatles also:

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