When did Jesus Become A Republican?

Cindy Lee (Berryhill) is in the news and the topic of a few blogs. Her new song is being aired on satellite radio. Her song, “When Did Jesus Become a Republican” has been the cause of some not so nice posts. If your are curious and want to know what the fuss is all about you will need to go to her site first at: http://www.cindyleeberryhill.com/ . Just look for the player in the upper right hand corner and take a listen.

Democracy in Jeopardy

A democracy can exist when there is accountability. The separation of powers creates a system of government where each branch is accountable to the other. When political and competitive ideas are discouraged, protests and freedom of speech are stifled, and the civil liberties of American’s and foreigners are stripped away, by one branch of government, the democratic system is in trouble. Our current executive branch has used the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 to create dissension and promote an ideology likened to a global empire. Moreover, George w. backers help him lead the way. Initiating a “war against terrorism” allowed for the expansion of executive power by treating dissension as a security threat The Patriot Act was passed creating intrusions into our lives, surveillance, limited access to information, and indefinite secret detention were all part of the package. Is the agenda to retain power, further a fundamentalist Christian belief, protect oil money, or ….

Political Circles

When conversations turn to politics, I usually remain silent. As they usually turn into opinionated tirades with no constructive result. It is not a lack of knowledge of our government or the principles of democracy that stifle me, but, the unwillingness to expose my opinions to heated moral discussions that tend to circular, ending where they started with no resolve. That stated I type forward and open this subject.