Catfish and Annie

Catfish is on the left and Annie the right. These are members of my family. They hope that you would like to converse with them. Please note that they are all paws so it takes them awhile to get a humom to type for them. They understand that translations from canine to human can be … [Read more…]

Why a Harley Davidson?

Many of my friends ask why did you get a Harley. Usually followed up by statements suggesting I wanted the badass image or I wanted to impress someone. The truth is: I purchased a Harley because of its lower seat height. I am getting older and after a little over 28 years of riding no … [Read more…]

Religion and Spiritual

It’s not necessary for you to tell people that your religion is, as long as you are happy with who you are, it should not matter. It would be like yelling out that you’re straight. But, If you want to discuss things of the spiritual nature,post here. Religions in the world: Baha’i Buddhism Christianity Confucianism … [Read more…]

Rain and Sandbags

I found a nice 3 column template at . I have given up designing my own using dreamweaver for the time being. The weather has been rather gloomy with lots of rain and fog. The dogs are getting restless, I am getting restless, and the poor motorcycle looks pathetic setting outside covered up in the … [Read more…]