Blog Cybersuit Needed


I must admit that this database problem has me really rethinking modern blogging stuff (again). With each “improvement” these platforms make I end up metaphorically banging my head against my desk. Perhaps it is my lesion-filled brain, a generational technology gap, or my lack of enthusiasm to join the brave new world but seriously, way … [Read more…]

All Your Blog Belong To Us

In July, a popular blogger posted an article on a well-read site that announced Blogging was dead – long live the blog. Not the first and not the last article that has/will proclaim the death of blogging. With the cyber atmosphere full of negativity many blogs not in the business to make money, sell, promote, … [Read more…]

Compass Spinning

game controllers consoles

Silly me, I got bored. My blog list folks are not posting. Television news tends to no longer presents unbiased reporting. I started back to reading and researching via the net. Yikes! The perspective: Micro V the Macro, the small V the big, or Local V Global depending on how you want to define it. … [Read more…]