World Real Time

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I watch the news, translate tweets, crazy, there is really only one common factor amongst the main players of war and strife right now – many generally dislike us if not hate. I do not wish to share my opinions on the political or religious conflicts going on right now. Maybe just convey the sadness … [Read more…]

Heat and Smoke

It has been hot – On Sunday the temperature hit 105 and then 106 degrees on Monday, short of the record set in 1972 of 113. Today is expected to stay in the upper 91?s oh goody! I stay in my one room upstairs that has the extra portable a/c unit. Our main central unit … [Read more…]

Video Game Surprise

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I play games, a lot sometimes. Because I stay indoors during the summer months I read, watch television and play video games. The X box and play station variety. I like open world (games designed where the player can move through a virtual world and decide when or how to complete an objective), first person … [Read more…]

Intertwined Reality

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Muffs blog post today found/had/got/started me thinking about technology and how it alters reality. It is an interesting time we live in. Experiencing what I jokingly call “live” time and “Memorex” time.  Live time, sleeping, cooking, family gatherings, talking to a neighbor. Memorex time, cell phones, twitter, face book, blogs, and surveillance cameras. In live … [Read more…]