Never Enough Room

In a camera bag that is.

My old camera bag was a waist pack type made by LowePro. It is a wonderful day bag but awkward for me. When it is worn comfortably behind I always feel like someone is going to grab something from it (or it) and run. I also have SlingShot 200 AW, it too has taken much abuse and has held together well. I can cram a lot of stuff into it and as advertised, just flip it around forward, unzip it and gain access to most of my gear.

You may have noticed a trend here? Yep, they keep getting bigger. As I stated in the title here, there never is enough room. Ummmm

Now that winter is here and some of us are going out at night I want to take along my SB800 and r200’s. Ugh oh – they will not fit. After leaving behind a lens or two, I decided to buy a backpack. Now, it is big, it can get heavy, but most, yep, most of my gear will fit into it. Oh my goodness how much junk are you going to haul about I ask myself. I have yet to find an answer.

I hope as I gain experience I will have a better idea of what to pack. So far I have been doing well but somehow not well enough. Now I am trying to stuff this big backpack with more stuff. I want to see if I can get everything into it. Why – I dunno just cause. I am suspecting this is close to impossible. I can get my lens, camera (two bodies if lens not attached), Db600, 2 sb200’s, one Su800, three conkin filters in case with P holder and rings, spare batteries for camera and flash, SD cards, snoot, gels, and a laptop. It even has some funky deal to attach a tripod too the pack. I suppose it would be an awesome deal if my tripod were not a big and heavy manfrotto.  Can I carry it? Yes. Is it comfortable – yes, when on my back with the waist belt hooked.  But movement is hindered way more than when using the SlingShot. But that is ok since I only will use it when going out using the flashes to play around at night or when taking a long trip.

Now you know I am a  camera bag collector LOL.