Ant Attack

I should have know last night while upstairs in the tub watching two little black ants crawl along the tile that it was not a good sign.

I woke up this morning and went downstairs to get my cuppo coffee. Oh no. ANTS! Not a few ants, not a hundred ants, but at least a thousand ants. Well maybe less that 1000 but well ok . …

They were in the upper cupboards, merrily creeping along the edge of the stove hood down to the counter and from there – augh everywhere.

Someone had already sprayed the yucky smelling ant killer about but why oh why did they not dispose of the remains? Well they just might have. It took me two hours to get a stool (scary me on a stole) and slowly remove all the stuff from the cupboards.

Now I dislike the ant spray but from the looks of the carnage, those little black specks of dead ants, I decided to spray a paper towel and whip down the cupboards, the hood, the wall, the cracks along the counter edge.So far so good. No more ants seen.

I got my oatmeal made, drank some coffe and watched the news. when I went back into the kitchen there they were – dead little soldiers falling from somewhere all over the counter tops. AUGH! I cleaned it all up again and waited.  They just kept a coming.

I finally thought it over and washed down the cabinets etc and but everything back in. Later while frying onions they attacked again! falling into the skillet – nice brown fried onions – covered with ants. Cooking is a cluster F for me anymore. I set everything out lest I forget some ingredient and have system. Otherwise I might forget whats on the stove ( I use lots of timers LOL). This onion deal was a big deal.  I could always use some pepper and claim all black dots where pepper. But I through them out 🙁

I have sprayed all the outer walls, all the inlets for vents, and just bout anything you might think about. Seems they are getting in trough the common wall that has one side extended out in our neighbors back yard that is our kitchen wall. I can’t get there, they are not so nice (the neighbors and the ants), and I don’t know what else to do.

Ants are social insects living in large groups, some of them reach a population of millions. I looked it up – yep I was right there were thousands of them. So, when everyone got home they looked at me and kind of politely asked why dinner was late. They know I start when it is my turn early on in the day – I just told em to ask the ants.

Well off to read some and go nite nite – I hope I do not wake to a bunch of ant in crawling or corpse form tommorrow.