End of the Arse

Some of you know me via this blog ( as best as you might just reading what I choose to share) and some of you know me in person. Those that really know me are aware of what a stubborn pain in the arse I can be.

I have always been a sort of anti drugs type person. When I had surgeries on my wrist years ago I was given Vicodin for the pain.  I found the bottle the other day when I had a headache that would not go away I went hunting and found over half the pills still there. Relax, I did not use them. The date on the bottle? 1994.  I am not a sufferer, I just hate drugs. I decided I had better go through the cabinet and get rid of all the outdated junk in there.  The proper dispossal of prescription drugs – well that is a whole nother story.

I am leery of  over the counter and prescription concoctions. I am one of those that reads all the warnings and side effects.  Once I had to take Cipro and I swear I thought I was gonna die. It made me feel like my insides were getting eating up by some evil thing. This reaffirmed my stance on the evils of drugs. In fact I really never got sick until I took that crap.

My doctor persuaded me to take lovastatin and small dose aspirin to ward off another stroke and I embraced  the wonders of thyroid meds. But, I am sure she felt like she was pulling teeth. I even swallow two vitamin pills each day now too.  I still mutter and crumble about it.

Then along came this you have multiple sclerosis deal.  It is not a fair deal.  Cat Stevens Miles from Nowhere lyrics somehow fit my mood right now.  I found a video from a live concert in 1976 – the year I graduated high school.


Well the neuro prescribed some neurontin the other day and my primary gave me some new vicodin a few weeks ago. I read all the possible side effects, yep, I am rather arse about it. I even look at the chemical compositions too. Just nerdy arse stuff I guess.

I have been thinking about all this lately.  Mostly because I lay trying to go to sleep thinking anything and everything.  A less  nerdy arse person might get the drift but I am a slow one apparently.

What I came up with is not great unheard of revelation, no ground breaking here, but, my pea little brain finally got the message that like DUH. Why not take the silly pills?

So that is my big revelation of the week.  I took the neurontin before going to bed and all be danged the stuff worked. In fact, I am suppose to take it before going to sleep, but with my feet and hands not feeling the burning, freezing, and zapping,  I so enjoying staying awake LOL.   The vicodin took care  of some the other pains last week when I gave it a go.  I find it interesting how one zaps out one pain and the other a differnt type.  I think I am loving the neurontin.

I can look back and find lots of symptoms and problems I have had for years, I just never really complained much. And, when I did I usually got the your depressed or faking it from the Dr’s. so I sort just forged on with my life.

I am now gonna squeel like a little piggy.  I write everything down now. Things I thought everyone experienced  that I wrote off to getting older – well, turns out not to be so.

I can not make the MS go away. But, I sure can try and not feel like what comes outmy dogs arse’.

I hereby announce my proclamation of “End of Arse”.

I will try not to be such an arse about it.