1. webster

    Okay, I never could play the stringed instruments. I don’t know why, so I just stayed with the piano . . . until my MS hit and couldn’t play at all, but then I LET IT GO when my MS got better. Anyway.

    I thought that was good for a first (almost) try. You did it fast enough so it was recognizable, and some of the chords looked awkward to play (esp. with gimpy hands).

    You want a name for your dulcimer? How about ‘ouisie, like from Steel Magnolias?

    Be well.

    • I so like Steel Magnolia’s and Ouiser’s character just cracks me up! Especially when she slices Drum the tail piece of an armadillo cake!

  2. Nice arrangement! Play as much as you can, anyway you can, for as long as you can. If you get better, great. If you don’t, fine. As long as you enjoy the time you spend making music, it’s good.

    • Ditto from me on the comments. Play while you can. I had to take piano lessons for years and fought it all the way. I wish I’d connected with an instrument that gave me true enjoyment to play. I regret not getting into wind instruments, like the flute.

      For some reason old-fashioned names like Hazel or Maggie are coming to me. Although ‘ouise sounds really cool too.

      • Hazel and Maggie – ummm …

        Wind instruments and I never seemed to meld – I tried the clarinet of few times in high school when I would sit for the band teachers kids. Results were not so good – squeak squeak then lots of high pitched noises.

        The string theory versus the squeak theory.

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