• Catfish is marching to his own music today LOL!
      Both of us fell asleep this afternoon and z’d away till the phone rang at 5.

    • Yeah we all have our fingers, feet, paws, and anything else you can cross as we wait for the results.
      Today Catfish is doing darn good other than an occasional ouch I should not have bent that way or laid down that way he is hanging in there.

      Annie is not as concerned but is going out of her way in doggy terms to pamper her brother. They do touch our hearts don’t they.

  1. Glad to hear that Catfish is home. Any kind of surgery, on anybody, is always a little scary. A little bit of pampering and some extra treats are in order — on schedule, of course.

    • Well Catfish and I fell asleep at around 2 pm and woke when the phone rang at 5. Not a schedule’s nap LOL so see we can deviate from the norm! And of course he is getting pampered!

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