1. These are great shots!!! Love ’em. It’s cold and wet here too. Well, not raining, but still everything is soggy and wet. We have a couple of blue herons and great egrets hanging out at the lake but I haven’t managed to get a decent shot of them yet.

    Merry Christmas, friend! Hope it’s warm and happy and fuzzy for you.

    • Merry Christmas to you Karoli! I am getting better with the right eye shooting. I still strive to capture bird s as well as you have.

      Remember way back when? You inpired me to get the camera and go for it! Then you supported me with you knowlegeable help? Well I have not and I thank you again!

      Peace, Love, and Joy to you and yours,

  2. Wow, incredible! This is one person who never gets tired of your photos. Glad to see you had a good afternoon. And, hopefully you arrived home to nice smells and goodies.

    Am glad to have met you in the blogosphere — Merry Christmas.


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