End of A Frontier

just a quick post – I am sitting here watching television – waiting for the last landing of a space shuttle – the end of the United States manned space program.

I have been a fan of the space program since I watched the first moon landing – my memorabilia collected through the years stored in my Grandmother old trunk.

It saddens me.

Our country will no longer be one dreaming of frontiers – of possibilities – then again we lost that along time ago.

It is landing soon how beautiful she fly’s


  1. it saddens me that the shuttle program is ending… i wonder what will become of the space program now? what’s next? or where the feds just keep that money to use on feeding their own gullets?

    my uncle worked for nasa…he the engineer who had the concept and design for the heat tiles on the shuttle…. he is turning over in his grave right now….

    • I believe that sometime, when people look back, this will be one of the big mistakes we as a country have made. If you act second fiddle your are second fiddle. All brouhaha that we need to work on our own planed first is just that – I do not see every one getting up this morning and saying now that we are not sending astronauts into space I will worry about _____ .

      I still say think Rome.

    • Yeah why be the best when we can settle for bottom of the list. IMHO we spend too much time trying to be “global” with people whose only goal is to squash us. There is a reason for space research and all the technology the manned flight program came up with – so we as a country could stay ahead in the space race = arms = defensive ability. Sad but true.

      Guess some nice foreigner will be kind enough to repair our satellites?


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