1. That Corkie is one lucky dog to have had you and KRP next door. There is a special place in hell for the woman who owned the dog before. Thanks for rescuing Corkie! Looks like your friend has a wonderful addition to her family.

    • Oh she is such a sweet dog too! All she wants to do is cuddle and fetch her new little rope toy.
      I suspect with good reason the gal has mental problems. I have a big soft spot in my heart for animals so it was just the right thing to do. And my friend has a super neat new member of her family,

  2. Donna

    After the first few sentences, I was fearful of continuing. I didn’t want to hear a sad story. Kudos to you for your persistence. Am so happy that Corkie has a new and loving human/home!

  3. With your and KRP’s help and persistence Corkie will have a happy life now. I have always gotten pound dogs, and I often wonder what their “back story” is. With our current dog whom we found on Craig’s list, we knew some of his background – except they lied about his lineage (he is at least half Pit Bull). But he grew up around kids, and had a playmate, a Blue Heeeler that we chose not to adopt, as she had issues with cats.

    Now Corkie will now get to stay out of the rain, and get treats. YIPPEEEEEE. Nice job!

    • Yes, her family told us that she had been well cared for prior to this gal getting her. She must have had some training because she always waits until you tell her it is ok to jump up on a chair or the couch.

      So far the only problem is that she and my friend have not yet figured out the cues for let me go out and pee please. She definitely knows it was a boo boo when she blows it and runs and hides in the kennel my friend put out for her. They just need to work out the kinks.

      She now is warm, safe, and with someone who cares and will love her.

      All but two of our dogs have been rescues.

  4. Thank you for helping that poor little doggie. She’s so cute! I also like your friend’s other pup — looks like a teddy bear! It’s people like you who do such kind works that impress me above all others!

  5. Mary K. Mennenga

    That is great you rescued a dog also, it’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it! Sound like happy endings for all

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