1. you wrote a post!!! you wrote a post!!! LOL

    i’m so glad you are having company… you guys are going to have fun… and it is way cool that the kids chose to come spend spring break with y’all

    sometimes i really miss gaming… and i know you are right… it keeps the mind going… and it’s so freakin addictive… amazes me how in depth the games are these days…

    • Yeah I actually still can spell sometimes 🙂 tee hee that is what spell check is for!

      The kids got here around 2a.m. your read this right Zzzzz I am so tired ha ha good but tired. We or course had to all chat till 3 oh my.

      Games give me something to do without expending much energy. The brain working away sure does use a lot though. They are amazingly detailed and complex. Example, five types of weapons, five models in each, each model having numerous upgrades – 2 slots, 10 choices . …. then the ammunition types . …. and what did you say to that Asari about the Geth about 20 hours of game play ok? LOL

  2. webster

    I can hardly believe that you in Sacramento are complaining about the weather being too cold. I stake my claim to that right. Spring has sprung, and daffodils and flowering plums are starting to bloom, but on a GOOD day we hit 50 effin degrees, which isn’t too bad IF a) it isn’t raining, b) the wind isn’t blowing, or c) I can’t remember what c was. So…

    Glad you’re back to PT. The back to back classes might kick your ass, but you know it would be worse if the weather were warmer. Might I suggest that you take a long terry cloth robe with you to the pool, and when you have to get out jump right into it? Sure you might look like a prize fighter, but if it makes you more comfortable, who cares?

    • Now Webster you know it is all relevant. I give that it is way colder there and you get top billing in bitching rights.

      But dang it under 65 deg. get out of pool to thunder clouds and wind and I IS cold OK? Outdoor pool that is placed just so the wind can cut through yah like a knife.

      I suspect that when it hits higher temps we will shoot up from the mid to high 30’s at night and the mid to high 60’s at daylight to the 80’s and 90’s with no adaptation time.

      My niece is living in North Dakota now and well I think movie, Fargo, freaking cold . … she might think you got it made.

      When we do the plus 100’s can I get bitching rights?

      • um, i get bitching rights in the summer lol 116 is not my idea of a fun summer (i’ll share bitching rights though because i know it gets blasting hot there too jan)

        we are already up in the mid-80’s… it was 50-60’s last week and this week 80 freakin 5

  3. that is what get me the most going lower temps right up into the higher ones – or hot to cold. Dang so it is gonna be 80 freakin 5 – sorry 🙁

    It is 48F here right now and rainy.

  4. Eustress – I like that word. I love computer games, but have never gotten into the new generation of first-person games. I think the last ones I played were Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem! Ancient history. I am currently addicted to words with friends on FB … that’s more my speed.

    I love having house guests. Enjoy yours!

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